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All About Bob [entries|friends|calendar]
Talking about Bob, a HP AU rpg, open 09/01/06

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For those who check here... [25 Sep 2006|12:35pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

If you check here more than the game, you'll probably be interested to know I've changed the day.

For info, see the game.

Questions, etc. can still be posed here or there.

Oh yes, and we've lost another player if you missed that as well. So now we're looking for Harry, James, and a replacement Oliver Wood.

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After much annoyance and health issues on the mod's part [01 Sep 2006|10:19pm]

Vista's open.

Oh yes, and when you're logged in, please check to see that you've run the flist button on the mod account so everyone is added.

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Here we are...September 1st. [01 Sep 2006|12:34am]

[ mood | excited ]

The time has come, the mod has said, to play the rp game.
We'll hex and charm, message and tag, and learn each other's name.
And if dear Bob dies quite abrupt...
We'll know just who to blame. (The mod.)
Tra-loo, tra-lay, who's up to play
The brand new role play game?

Okay, so that was stupid, but I'm pulling an all nighter after working a double at work, I can't be expected to produce brilliance at this hour. *grins*

I will be doing the following tonight:

* Finishing icons for my own characters (and uploading them)
* Sending invites so people can actually post to the communities
* Posting what everyone will need to know in order to begin
* Imbibing large quantities of coffee

So who's excited to get this party started? (No, that wasn't a rhetorical question, I'd like some comments, please! You do still read this, no?)
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Pimp to your friends! [29 Aug 2006|01:44pm]


Send them HERE so they can see what kind of a game this is. wenelda did it. Be a lemming!

Oh yes, and the game starts Friday. I don't know if any many of you realise this, but it's Tuesday now. If you haven't gotten back to me about the character you were interested in, it's officially up for grabs. If you're ignoring me, my posts, my messages, etc, I'm losing faith in you.

Communication is key in this game and I will not have people who are no longer interested holding back everyone else. Plots will change, things will be re-written and re-worked. Don't make me do this, though I will if I have to.

For those who haven't given me their contact info, please do so soon. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go back an entry or two on this community and see.

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The advertisement... [27 Aug 2006|11:22pm]

Feel free to show this to your friends and all if they haven't seen it on rp comms.

This is a slight variation on what I'm posting.Collapse )
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Making the Contact List [24 Aug 2006|01:11pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]

After a lengthy absence (shush, it was lengthy considering we've still got work to do before the game has started) I have returned with internet access!

I am very disappointed, but there's very little I can do about it, so I move on.

I need everyone in the game (you know, basically everyone) to send the following to vista.mod at gmail.com:
Best to contact on:

Name: Waddle
Plays: Mrs. Norris
Email: apenguinwhoflew@thisisnotreal.com
AIM: penginluvr
Best to contact on: email or yahoo messenger (notadork@yahoo.com) if not reachable by AIM.

And that will do it for now. Backstory is being posted later. Please be sure to finish making those icons if you haven't already. Time is running out...

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"Whatdya mean it's last call?" [14 Aug 2006|11:10am]

[ mood | working ]


Forgive me, I'm just trying to get everyone's attention. Are you paying attention? Even you in the back...this is sort of important.

Okay, I've been good, nice, sweet, and understanding for those who have been interested in this game, and I've posted a tonne of things to keep people informed on what's going on as far as charrie things. The game opens in roughly two and a half weeks, and popularity is spreading -- despite the fact that I haven't even advertised yet!

Guess what this means? It means those I've contacted in the past or who have spoken to me about wanting to play certain characters need to speak NOW or forever hold your peace. I'm not going to beat about the bush any longer.

Argus Filch
Neville Longbottom
Lucius Malfoy (in case the one person sees this)
Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody
James Potter
Emmeline Vance (or whomever else you decided on)
Molly Weasley

Your characters are going to be "open" by the end of the week if you don't show me you're still interested.

Some need backstory, some need to work with their families, and some just need a character sheet. Incidentally, some just need to tell me they're alive and still want to do this, or tell me to remove their name from the holding list.

I know you're sorry, you forgot, you've been busy or whatnot, but drop me a line either here or through AIM/gmail telling me what's up, okay? I am not heartless. There is still a lot left to do before the game opens, and most of it is character relationship things---like establishing families and their relationships. Some "pre-RP" owls have been sent already to set out a backbone and give people things to work with before the whole thing starts. I don't want anyone to tell me they never had the chance to sufficiently be prepared for this.

Thanks. Sorry it wasn't cut, but this time I want as many people's attention as possible. I do feel this is important.
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Before I get any more requests... [08 Aug 2006|07:44pm]

I am not adding anyone to the communities in the game right now because I will do a mass adding closer to the time to use them. Please stop requesting.

For those who still haven't sent anything in as far as charrie sheets, please do so soon. I am going to be going public with advertising soon, and don't want you to get overlooked. (Some of you haven't even contacted me about wanting to still play the game, which is saddening.)

Anywho, that's all for now.

Thanks for your time.
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In depth charrie sheet... [31 Jul 2006|10:06pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Brought to you by sidesinger who used it first, I thought you'd like to see this. It's in addendum to the application sheet, and unlike that, it's not manditory...it's just fun.

The more you play with them, the more interesting your charries become.Collapse )

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Semi-unveiling. [31 Jul 2006|08:19pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Holy hell, where does the time go?

Okay, basically, here's the deal. I've made everything public, but it's only for you lot and people who know about it. Bob is not open, but now you know Bob has a real name and everything. Bob is Vista, and has been posted with all you need to know RIGHT HERE.

First of all, not everyone is on the taken list just yet, but the on hold/open charrie list is complete.

Secondly, Lolly? I've finally decided on a character for you, but of course you had to go and sign off, so I'll tell you about that tomorrow. *rubs hands together, grinning* I've got idears, and I think you'll like what I've come up with.

Last but not least, I'm going to get in touch with a couple people and work on one or two things that are important before I bother going absolutely public and advertise. What are those things, you might ask? Let's just say the backstory community isn't finished and I need certain characters still.

The end...for now. Please read the mod account and see all the crap I've been talking about doing since I started this community.

* * * * *

On a slightly unrelated note: please do us a favour and vote for devilish__angel for Lily Potter and wenelda for Sirius Black because they are and should be recognised as such.

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One day more... [28 Jul 2006|11:27pm]

Your cat died, your dog died, your car was robbed, you had summer school, you were dead at the time, you were on the moon...with Steve!!!

All lovely excuses (and forgive me if any of those are true), but time is running out! Tomorrow is the 29th, and I'd love to get in more character things than I have. If you have questions relating to your character, contact me. If you think you need more time because something important came up, contact me. If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands.

At any rate, from those who send in things and/or contact me about it by midnight tomorrow night (we'll say California midnight to give the fairest time) I will have the most accurate list for posting publicly -- which is my goal since I'm aiming to let the cat out of the bag on this soon (cat's not declawed and getting restless).

Thanks again for reading, and thank you to those who have sent your things in or contacted me about keeping interest.

P.S.--For more in-depth character sheets that some of you may want to do, reply here or...you know, contact me. (Do you sense a theme here? Communication is key, folks!)
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Ten days later. [20 Jul 2006|11:57pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Hello people, it's me again!

Having done almost everything there is to do before the unveiling happens, I'd like to say that I've gotten a lot of submissions in with the character profiles, but I don't like lying. I know, I know, it's summer and everyone has a life, but I would really like to have a decent "TAKEN" list rather than just several left "ON HOLD" when I advertise. (Some of you are definitely stuck on the "on hold" list until I get a proper submission, just so you know.)

Notes to...Collapse )

Whether you email me or post it on your character journal (this should only include Frank, Percy, Lupin, and Lily), I would like all submissions by the end of the day Saturday, July 29th. (A little over a week from now.)

Thanks guys, I appreciate you reading.

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A thought or two. [10 Jul 2006|09:49pm]

As I'm working on a few things for the role play, I'm reminded of something. If I've mentioned that I'll hold a character for you, I probably need one of the character things I posted filled out. (Application or just for my reference, though in some cases it's both.) As soon as you're able, thanks. Either send it to villainslair at livejournal.com or the address you know of mine to use.

I am still in search of certain characters, and working on some things that are annoying, but necessary all before any unveiling. Oh yes, and in result of the last poll, I've actually decided on something with regards to a Lily PB, which will be explained, but later.

Don't you hate it when I'm cryptic? Yes, me too.
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POLL time! [15 Jun 2006|02:53pm]

Ok, with the overwhelming participation on the last few posts, I thought I'd throw in a poll. (Yes, I am well aware some of you may be busy or have no opinion, but still.) I went searching and thank heavens for this one website I stumbled upon, or I wouldn't even have gotten this far.

the poll...with picturesCollapse )

Feel free to mark more than one spot if you like or google the names of the ladies to check out other pics. Comments would be nice too, regardless of whom you end up picking. (Obviously I put in the original from the movie first, but try to find plenty of pictures without buying a DVD of something she was in before Harry Potter.)
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Q and A period...round 1 [13 Jun 2006|12:36am]

[ mood | awake ]

So! A needle pulling thread. There are 9 members to this community and some don't even know the name of the role play yet. I'm impressed and shocked, to be honest.

Here's where I put myself as the creator and moderator of the fetus game out on a limb for you. Ask anything you like about the game, the players, and where I got the wonky idea to begin with. Heck, you can even ask who I'm playing, though I'm guessing if you're a member here, you already know. Anything related to Bob (with the exception of Bob's real name) you can ask, and I should be able to answer.

I'm bored and this is one way to see who's still paying attention to this community, so yay.

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A question, while I'm thinking about it. [05 Jun 2006|04:18pm]

[ mood | curious ]


How many movie redheads do you know? Not the pale red, but the darker, fiery red. This is basically for the PB list I'm creating, and of course this is bearing on our sweet Lily. Padfoot, stop gagging.

Not too old, not too young, and of course, the right disposition.

Right now, I'm stuck looking at old movies for redheads, because the last woman I saw with the right colour hair was Lesley Ann Warren in Clue, but she's too old. Ideas, anyone?

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It's been a while, so here's another conversational piece [15 May 2006|12:24pm]

Let's see how I can phrase this without everyone jumping down my throat about how wrong it would be. *ponders* Okay...

Cut because it's lengthy, but no less important to read.Collapse )

Also the question is which of the many characters they could be if given enough information, because we don't know everything about every character, and some are open for interpretation more than others. Perhaps a student? Perhaps an adult whose name is barely mentioned? I'd like ideas on that as well, if possible.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and please discuss.
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Discussion #2 [15 Apr 2006|01:52pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Here's probably a better place to put this question:

What makes a good rpg good and a bad rpg bad? What don't you like? What do you like? What do you wish people would do with regards to role plays to make them better? What works well and what doesn't work at all?

Side stepping the whole day-by-day thing (especially as it doesn't apply to Bob) I'm curious. Much input is needed, so if you can read this, I'd like a response.


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Something to work on while you wait... [04 Apr 2006|09:38pm]

Now, I've gone over the whole idea of applying with people, and whether I just gave you a slot or you end up needing to apply for me, what I'm about to post will be something you'll want to look over---whenever.

Part of the application.

Regardless of whether you "apply" or not, you might just want to fill this in for your personal reference. Keep it handy, as it were. It'll help for when things get rolling, or it'll help for when you need to confer with others on backstory--if you need to do that.

Just the charrie part of the application.Collapse )

Yes, that barely tips the iceberg on how in-depth I've gotten for Bob...if you have questions, you can certainly ask. Oh, and before you ask, I did it for mine.
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idea... [04 Apr 2006|09:30pm]

[ mood | working ]

Ok, if you can see this, and you're a member here, it'd be really spiffy if you could add "bob the au rpg" to your interests list.

I'd love for people to start to wonder.

More talk to come.

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